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Katharyn Mumby


My current research is in Aphasia and Spirituality. I have developed WELLHEAD, resources for supporting spiritual health and wellbeing, see separate website:


Find a summary of the WELLHEAD feasibility study at:


Please click on the link to the 6th European Conference on Religion Spirituality and Health and the 5th International Conference of the British Association for the Study of Spirituality, held in May 2018 to see the WELLHEAD abstract on p50-51

 Please click on the link below to access the WELLHEAD poster from the conference (poster number 35):

The first of several papers from this research has now been published:

Mumby, K. A Single Case Narrative of Spirituality Following Aphasia from Traumatic Brain Injury: Findings about Forgiveness and Freedom Using WELLHEAD and SHALOM. Religions 2019, 10, 301

accessible at:


Mumby, K. (1988). An adaptation of the Aphasia Screening Test for use with Panjabi speakers. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 23, 267-292.

Mumby, K. (1990). Preliminary Results from using the Panjabi Adaptation of the Aphasia Screening Test. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 25, 209-226.

Mumby, K., Bowen, A., & Hesketh, A. (2007). Apraxia of speech: how reliable are speech and language therapists’ diagnoses? Clinical Rehabilitation, 21, 760-767.

Mumby, K., & Whitworth, A. (2012). Evaluating the effectiveness of intervention in long term aphasia post stroke: the experience from CHANT (Communication Hub for Aphasia in North Tyneside). International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 47(4), 398-412.

Mumby, K., & Whitworth, A. (2013). Adjustment processes in chronic aphasia after stroke: Exploring multiple perspectives in the context of a community based intervention. Aphasiology, 27 (4), 462-489.

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