Publications and research

Katharyn Mumby


My current research is in Aphasia and Spirituality. I have developed WELLHEAD, resources for supporting spiritual health and wellbeing, see separate website:


Several peer-reviewed papers about this research have now been published, one of which is ‘open access’:

Mumby, K. A Single Case Narrative of Spirituality Following Aphasia from Traumatic Brain Injury: Findings about Forgiveness and Freedom Using WELLHEAD and SHALOM. Religions 2019, 10, 301

accessible at:


Mumby, K. (1988). An adaptation of the Aphasia Screening Test for use with Panjabi speakers. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 23, 267-292.

Mumby, K. (1990). Preliminary Results from using the Panjabi Adaptation of the Aphasia Screening Test. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 25, 209-226.

Mumby, K., Bowen, A., & Hesketh, A. (2007). Apraxia of speech: how reliable are speech and language therapists’ diagnoses? Clinical Rehabilitation, 21, 760-767.

Mumby, K., & Whitworth, A. (2012). Evaluating the effectiveness of intervention in long term aphasia post stroke: the experience from CHANT (Communication Hub for Aphasia in North Tyneside). International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 47(4), 398-412.

Mumby, K., & Whitworth, A. (2013). Adjustment processes in chronic aphasia after stroke: Exploring multiple perspectives in the context of a community based intervention. Aphasiology, 27 (4), 462-489.

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